Why OUR Training?

What differentiates AxOx Training?

AxOx Training has a unique approach to training Microsoft Office applications based on the most recent long-term retention research (for example, Email Boosters) and best practices for breakthrough training. We partner with you to execute our unique training approach that reduces training scrap and drives training transfer through a comprehensive training strategy.

We want to be your training partner not just your training provider.

Most Microsoft Office training companies function as a training provider in that they only provide a training event. They see the finish line as the end of the training day and offer a Certificate of “Completion” at the end of the training event. But we change the paradigm. We move the finish line—to when the skills learned in the training class are implemented back on the job. We don’t see training as an event. We see it as a process.  We think the most important Certificate of Completion should be offered when the skills learned in the training class are actually applied back where it matters most—in the office! So we partner with you to  offer a comprehensive strategy to ensure the skills you learn in your training class get implemented back in the work space.

We reduce training scrap.

Our unique approach reduces training scrap. Scrap is leftover material that is ultimately thrown away. Training scrap is all the training you receive that never gets implemented back where it matters most—on the job. Your investment of time, money and energy for Microsoft Office training sits there in a pile, unused, wasted, and thrown away. Our comprehensive strategy reduces training scrap.

We drive training transfer

The ultimate goal of any training endeavor is to see that the skills gained in a training event or class get transferred back to the work space. We are very intentional when we use the word “drive”. Our Microsoft Office training doesn’t leave transfer to chance. Our comprehensive training strategy drives training transfer back to the job.

We provide a comprehensive strategy to accomplish training transfer.

The Wall Street Journal interviewed Dr. Eduardo Salas, a professor of Organizational Psychology at the University of Central Florida and a program director at its Institute for Simulation and Training. “What happens before and after a training session, he says, is just as important as the actual instruction itself. ”

When asked how big of a problem is skills decay, Dr. Salas responded, “The American Society for Training and Development says that by the time you go back to your job, you’ve lost 90% of what you’ve learned in training. You only retain 10%.”

~From the October 26, 2014 Wall Street Journal article, So Much Training, So Little to Show for It,

All the research points to the same conclusion. Still most training providers leave transfer to chance. AxOx Training takes a different approach. We provide a concerted strategy to propel the process of training transfer.  We execute a deliberate series of steps that spans both sides of the training event to ensure that the skills gained in your Microsoft Office training class actually get transferred back to the office. Our comprehensive training strategy drives the transfer process until the skills acquired in your Microsoft Office training class are implemented back on the job.

Call us, and we will partner with you to reduce training scrap and drive training transfer. We will partner with you to implement our comprehensive training strategy that will maximize your training experience and the return on your training  investment.