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Microsoft Access Training Hands On

AxOx® Training provides live, certified instructor-led, hands on computer training of Microsoft Office applications and business soft skills in St. Louis and the Metro-East.

AxOx® training is locally owned and operated. A certified Microsoft Office Specialist Master trainer is involved in every step of the Microsoft Office training process.

The AxOx® Our Training Approach

Step 1: Assess Training Needs

A certified instructor assists you at every strategic step of the training process, not just once you’re in the classroom. A certified instructor is the most qualified person to walk you through this process. He is intimately acquainted with the classroom dynamics, understands the courseware, and grasps the rich features of the application. She becomes your professional guide through the six stage training process. We can also query your staff with a 3-question online-survey to discover their greatest training needs and relieve you of having to develop, deploy and monitor your own questionnaire.

Microsoft Office Training Process

Step 2 & 3:
Assess and Group by Skill Level

Our Skill-Based Training™ is a critical part of our Microsoft Office training process. This approach maximizes each student’s training experience by assessing each student’s general computer skill level—that is, how fast they are on the computer regardless of the class level or content being taught. Then we group students into classes according to their computer-related skill level.

Note: Steps 2, 3 and 5 make up our Skill-Based Training™ approach.


Step 4: Customize Class Content

All the “content” in any Microsoft Office courseware is not created equal. Some information is extremely valuable for almost all Microsoft Office users including many tips and tricks. Other data is more valuable for the intermediate or advanced Microsoft Office users while some tools and features are more specialized. A certified instructor has the best vantage point to help you determine the most crucial content for your training needs. Often this entails prioritizing certain parts of courseware while relegating other portions to a lower priority or helping you customize courseware to meet your training objectives.

Step 5: Customize Training to Skill Level

Once your Microsoft Office training needs have been assessed and your objectives established, and students have been grouped by skill-level, and the content has been finalized, our instructor will adapt the Microsoft Office class content and adjust the in-class training approach to meet the needs of the skill-level (determined in Steps 2-3) being taught. See our Skill-Based Training™ approach.

Step 6: Follow-up and Booster Emails

We send weekly Follow-up and Booster Emails to students taking standard Microsoft Office classes (see our Booster Email policy) to enhance long-term retention of learned material. Research has shown that retrieving information that has been learned is one of the most crucial behaviors to insure long-term retention of that information. These retrieval opportunities are called “boosters”. “Booster training offers a simple but powerful opportunity to overcome the forgetting curve and enhance the return on investment of your training programs.” Short or quick boosters like a poll or multiple-choice questions are as effective as longer boosters. Moreover, boosters on a specific topic “will improve retention for an entire learning experience, and not just for the particular topics” being questioned.


Microsoft Office 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

  • Excel
  • Access
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Publisher
  • Project
  • Power Pivot
  • One Note
  • Windows – versions 7-10

Microsoft Office Productivity classes include:

  1. A manual covering all topics of the class.
  2. A supplemental tips and shortcuts sheet relevant to the class and skill level of the student that the instructor utilizes throughout class.
  3. Our Skill-Based Training™ process
  4. Weekly Follow-up and Booster Email reminders of crucial skills learned in class aid student long-term retention.
  5. Students can retake the same class and same version for no charge as long as seating is available.


Business soft skills training

Your personal computer is your most powerful external tool for professional productivity.  However, your most important and powerful intangible tools are your personal character, knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences you bring with you to the professional world.  Every professional should be on an intentional, deliberate, life-time mission to improve each of these vital qualities.  AxOx can sharpen your edge in some of these vital areas.


“Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.”

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