The AxOx Difference

What makes AxOx different and what difference can AxOx make for you?


What makes AxOx different?

  • The AxOx Approach – Our Mission and Vision
  • The AxOx business model: we will bring our mobile classroom at no additional charge
  • Owner-Instructor involvement every step of the training process
  • Skill-Based Training™ approach that maximizes training opportunities
  • An emphasis on tips, tricks and shortcuts relevant to the student skill level, along with shortcut handouts and resources….

A unique approach to Microsoft Office Productivity Training

First, AxOx is unique in that our name embodies who we are and our training philosophy (see below or our AxOx Mission and Vision).

Second, our business model is unique. We will train you at your site in your training room, or for no additional charge, we will bring our mobile classroom and train you at your facility. We can also train you in an off-site venue.

Third, a certified instructor will guide you through a six step training process that begins with assessing your training needs and establishing your training objectives, to the .

Fourth and most importantly, AxOx is unique in that we take a Skill-Based™ approach to classroom training. The Skill-Based Training™ approach optimizes the training opportunity for each skill level by grouping students into classes according to their computer skill-level (i.e., how fast they generally are on a computer) and then altering the training goals and methods to maximize training for that skill level irrespective of the content that is being trained.

Finally, AxOx Training utilizes the best tips, tricks and keyboard shortcuts relevant to the skill level of each class and systematically reinforces these throughout each class. We also provide a growing set of shortcut resources on our Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks page.

What difference can AxOx make for you?

We can multiply your time and maximize your productivity!

AxOx is passionate about helping you sharpen your most powerful tools so you can multiply your time and maximize your productivity.

Our name says it all—AxOx

Sharpening the edge of the AX allows you to work smarter not harder and accomplish far more with less time and energy. While the OX in the ancient world was the most powerful tool the common person could possess. Only when the person was adequately trained to handle this powerful beast and the powerful beast was fully trained could a person maximize productivity. Likewise today, the personal computer is the most powerful tool in the hands of the normal business professional. When a person is trained in Microsoft applications they can tame and optimize the rich features that save time, increase effectiveness or simplify otherwise complex and tedious tasks.

Why training?

Because you don’t know what you don’t know. This is true of both  novices and experienced application users. Microsoft Office applications are full of time-saving features that can shave minutes, hours and even days off your workload.

Because you don’t know
what you don’t know.

Once I was training an Excel novice who was shown a simple Excel skill and exclaimed, “This will take three days per week off my work!”

I was working with a gifted project manager who was scrambling to reassemble an Excel spreadsheet that was dismantled by co-workers. Her process was painstaking and laborious. I showed her an Intermediate-Advanced Excel feature and her project was done in 3 minutes. Her time study afterwards revealed she saved 16 hours on this project!

An advanced student taking an one of my advanced Excel classes hung and shook his head, smiling as he discovered a function (sort of like a formula) he already knew but didn’t know how to use it to its full extent. When I asked, “What are you smiling about?”, he said, “We just took 30 seconds to accomplish the exact same task I did a more difficult way earlier this week that took an entire afternoon to pull off!”

Call us today and let us help sharpen the edge of your most powerful tools so you can multiply your time and maximize your productivity!

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