Keyboard Shortcut Sheets

Click the images below for a PDF of these shortcuts and tips sheets:

A Beginner’s Guide to
Keyboard Shortcuts



The Top Excel


The Top Windows

The Top Windows Shortcuts


Use these shortcut summary sheets to master The Top Time-Saving Windows and Excel Tips and Keyboard Shortcuts.

In the The Top Windows Shortcuts PDF (accented in orange above), click the blue links next to the first nine shortcuts to see a video that demonstrates that shortcut, or click here to see a video that demonstrates the first 9 shortcuts in this series.

These shortcuts work in most places in Windows and Microsoft Office Applications.

Normally you will need to press and hold the Cntrl or Shift key, or tap and release the Alt or Window Key, when using the various shortcut combinations.

These Shortcut sheets and videos were designed and produced specifically for those who use Windows and Excel regularly but who are not proficient with keyboard shortcuts. Intermediate and advanced Windows and Microsoft Office users utilize keyboard shortcuts all the time to multiply time and maximize productivity.


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