Mobile Classroom

We offer flexible training venues

We can train you on-site utilizing your training facilities, offer an off-site venue, or we will bring our mobile classroom to your corporate offices for no additional charge.

Dell 2-in-1 PC's


Our Mobile PC Classroom

Our mobile classroom consists of 7th Generation Intel Core i5 Processors (up to 3.10 GHz), and a wireless mouse and keyboard. Just plug it in, turn it on and we’re ready for training!


Why a mobile classroom of 17.3
2-in-1 PCs are better than Laptops

The problem with training on laptops is Three-fold: Firstly, most employees with laptops are far more familiar with their own laptop and prefer to bring it to training rather than using rented laptops. Sometimes the entire class will consist of employees who bring their own laptops.

Dell 2-in-1 PC's

Mobile Classroom

 Secondly, employees accustomed to a desktop PC usually prefer a traditional full-size keyboard. One sure way to diminish your training experience and effectiveness is to be distracted with a different kind of keyboard than what you’re use to using. AxOx® eliminates that with our 2-in-1 PC business model (though students are also always welcome to bring their own keyboard and mouse).  Finally, laptop screens are smaller than our 17.3 (inch)
2-in-1’s. These larger screens are easier on your eyes than laptop screens and are sure to enhance your computer training experience

Computer Rentals

Our 2-in-1 PC’s are available for rental. Call us for more information.

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