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Sharpening the Edge of Your Most Powerful Tools

The AxOx Mission
We exist to maximize your productivity by sharpening the edge of your most powerful tools.

The AxOx Vision
The vision and approach of AxOx Training flows from two pieces of ancient Hebrew wisdom literature.  Let us help you harness the wisdom of the Ax and the strength of the Ox—because sharper is better.

Sharpen Microsoft Office Training The Wisdom of the Ax

“If the ax is dull and he does not sharpen its edge, then he must exert more strength. Wisdom has the advantage of giving success.” Ecclesiastes 10:10

This choice piece of insight reminds us that sharpening our blade now results in greater productivity while expending fewer resources.  Its working smarter, not harder.

As a business professional you have a choice: Exercise more wisdom or exert more energy.

Time, energy and resources give an ultimatum from which there is no escape—only a choice: “You can pay me (a little) now, or you can pay me (a lot,) later!”.  Taking a little time, energy and resources now to sharpen your edge through training will not only boost productivity, it will ultimately reduce wasted resources later—it is one of the wisest and most productive decisions a business can make.

Every day the business professional takes in hand their most powerful external tool—their PC.  Far too many exert far more energy than is necessary to accomplish objectives because they have failed to grind their blade to its sharpest edge.  Training is a vital part of the process of sharpening your edge.  Training allows people to discover new, better, and more effective and efficient ways of accomplishing tasks.

Quality training hones the edge for razor-sharp tools.  Ancient Hebrew wisdom asserts—productivity, efficiency and performance increase when you sharpen your edge

 The Power of Microsoft Office Training The strength of the Ox

“Where no oxen are, the manger is clean, but much increase comes by the strength of the ox.” Proverbs 14:4

This piece of wisdom gleans insight about the most powerful tool available to the common worker in antiquity—the Ox.

Purchasing and maintaining an Ox in the ancient near eastern world required significant resources of time, money and energy.

Purchasing an Ox was costly.  So was feeding it daily and keeping it healthy along with purchasing and maintaining the necessary equipment to harness the Ox and to plow effectively with it.  Beyond that, daily cleaning the stall was no picnic.  And most importantly, to maximize productivity of this powerful investment and provide protection for himself and others, the farmer had to tame and train the Ox.  This meant he had to study the Ox and know its nature and tendencies so he could leverage its vast potential.

In today’s world one of the most powerful and necessary tools for the business professional is the PC—their personal computer.  Like the Ox in the ancient world, nothing can match the computer’s ability to make you productive when the user is trained to leverage its powerful potential. What unfortunate irony, myriads of business professionals stumble their way through essential productivity applications designed to make them more productive.

AxOx Training exists for that very purpose—to help you hone the edge of your most powerful tools.  Let us help you harness the wisdom of the Ax and the power of the Ox so you can optimize productivity and performance.

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