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Want a Shortcut for Autosum in Excel?

The AutoSum tool is probably the most popular tool in Excel. This tool quickly Sums (or totals) ranges of values (numbers).

This little gem is found in the Editing Group on the Home Tab. To find it, go to the Home Tab and look all the way to the right side of the Ribbon.

However, there is also a keyboard shortcut that many Excel users prefer. Just press Alt + “+” and voilà! It works just like clicking the AutoSum tool!

The AutoSum tool is an essential part of every Beginning level Excel class. However, we often don’t share this shortcut in a basic Excel class because new users often get overwhelmed with too much information.

Our Excel Part 1 (Beginning) Excel class covers the AutoSum tool in greater depth and shows a number of ways to use it.

Happy Shortcutting!