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Shortcut to Open a Link in a New Tab in an Internet Browser

Shortcut to Open a Link in a New Tab or Webpage

Most people realize that when you are browsing the internet you often come upon a link–something that looks like this (usually words in blue text and underlined). When you put your mouse on the link it turns into a little white hand with a finger, something akin to Fig 1. Clicking the link then opens the link in the current Tab.

(Fig 1. Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com)

That means you lose the current webpage. But often, you want to keep the current page in the current Tab and open up the link in a new webpage in a new Tab. One way to accomplish this is to R-Click on the link. When you do you get a menu that allows you to click again, on an option to “Open link in a new tab” (or something similar depending on the web browser you are using. See Fig. 2).


(Fig 2.)

This of course requires that you click twice. Not a big time factor but still an inconvenience.

There’s a better and more convenient way

A better way to accomplish this is through a simple shortcut. Just press and hold the Ctrl key, and then click on the link. And voilà! You have just opened the link up in a new Tab while keeping the other Tab open.

Note: You will stay on the current page but the link will open in a new Tab to the “right” of the current Tab or webpage (the page that contains the link you just clicked).

Happy Shortcutting!


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