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The Fastest Way to Make a Copy of a Worksheet in the Same Workbook

Part of the power of Excel is the ability to use multiple worksheets in a single workbook to manage data. A simple and frequent practice is copying a worksheet within the same workbook. As with many tools in Excel (or Microsoft Office for that matter), there are often numerous ways to accomplish the same thing.

One way to make a copy of a worksheet in the same workbook is to press and hold the Ctrl key. Then click on the tab of the worksheet (Sheet 1, 2, 3, etc. unless the name has been changed), and drag it to the desired location, release the mouse and then release the Ctrl key. And voilà! Your worksheet is copied and placed in the location you desire!

Below I elaborate on these steps.

Copying a Worksheet
Copying a worksheet occurs with all the same steps as moving a worksheet except you first hold down the Ctrl key–and don’t release it. Then, click with the mouse on the tab you want to copy. When you do, the exact same images appear as before except the little, dog-eared piece of paper has a “+” (plus sign) on it. (Fig 1). This tells the user you are about to make a copy of that worksheet.

Fig 1

While still holding the Ctrl key, drag it right or left to the desired location taking note of where the black arrow is located (Fig 2). When it is at the desired location (here, I want it between Sheet 2 and Sheet 3), release the mouse. Finally, release Ctrl key.

Fig 2

The final results should look like this (Fig 3). The new “copied” sheet will take the same name as the original but it will have a (2) appended  to it. Copying subsequent files with the same worksheet (with the same name) will give increasing numbered sheets – Data (3), Data (4), Data (5), Data (6) . . .

Fig 3.

This is one of the simplest and fastest shortcuts.

Happy shortcutting!!!