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The Best Shortcut to the Desktop

Today I want to share with you one of the Windows keyboard shortcuts I use most often.

Many of us love to store files or shortcuts to a file on our desktop. This is especially true for temporary projects that we’re working on right now. Minimizing one window at time to get to the Desktop can be time-consuming especially if you have a lot of windows or applications open. Fortunately, Microsoft Windows has a wonderful Keyboard Shortcut that makes it easy for us to get to the desktop quickly : Windows + D (think “D” for “Desktop”).

The Windows key may look slightly different from keyboard to keyboard but it is found in the bottom left hand corner of most keyboards, just to the left of the  Alt key.

There is another Keyboard shortcut (Windows + M) that also takes you to the desktop (think “M” for “Minimize”) but Windows + D works in almost every situation, regardless what you have open.

The other benefit of  this shortcut is that once your windows are minimized, you can “Restore” them once again back to the way they werfce before you went to the Desktop by pressing Windows + D.

Click here to see a video of this shortcut in action. Once on the Video Shortcuts page, click on the video for Shortcuts # 7 & 8 – Show Desktop and Escape Key.

So, for those who need to go to their desktop often, this keyboard shortcut, is a jewel!

Happy keyboard shortcutting!