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“Wrapping” Long Sentences in Excel

There’s a Nifty Trick to “Wrapping” Long Sentences in Excel

Sometimes you type or paste a long sentence into Excel but you don’t like the way the text runs across the page. For example:

You would like to break it up so it “wraps” underneath onto several rows. One solution is to manually cut and copy parts of the sentence to get it to “wrap” underneath into several different cells, as in this example:

To accomplish this I had to eyeball where to break the sentence, and  then cut and paste parts of the sentence three separate times.

But there’s a simpler way to accomplish this. Simply select the cells (one row) of the desired “width” where you would like the sentence to break. Here, I’ve selected A1:C1 because I only want the results to be “three columns wide” (at the  current column widths).

Then go to the Home Tab, Editing Group (far right hand side of the Ribbon) and choose, Fill>Justify. Excel will then “justify” or “wrap” the text underneath according to the number of columns you selected.

Click OK.

And voilà! The results in this example, will look like this:

And Excel life was much happier!

Happy Justifying!