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Shortcut to Wrapping Text in Excel

Wrapping text in Excel

In Excel, have you ever had text in a cell that is just a little bit too long and you would like to wrap the text? Perhaps you have had a column heading that’s just a bit too long and you’d like to wrap it neatly “underneath” in the same cell? You might be familiar with the Wrap Text Icon as seen below (Figure 1) that does just that. This icon is located in Excel on the Home Tab>Alignment Group (Figure 2).

Figure 1

Figure 2

Just click on the cell where you want to wrap the text, and then click the Wrap Text icon to wrap the text in that cell. The text will wrap to the width of the cell but the cell will increase in height to accommodate the text.

Manually force Excel to wrap where you indicate

If you don’t like where the text breaks you can manually force Excel to wrap where you indicate. Simply double-click on the cell to enter the “edit mode”. Then click where you want the text to break (in this example, you click after “text”).

Then press Alt+Enter. The text will “break” and form a new line at that point and the entire cell will have the Wrap Text format applied to it (the results will look like the  image below).

You can continue to insert more breaks at new locations if you desire. You can clean up the text by deleting empty spaces. To remove the Wrap Text format, make sure you have selected the cell that has the Wrap Text format applied to it, and click the “Wrap Text” icon. This will remove the Wrap Text format.

Happy formatting!