AxOx® Training provides computer training of Microsoft Office applications with live, hands-on instruction and a certified trainer.


Take your Microsoft Office training to a whole new level.
We want to partner with you to reduce training
scrap and drive training transfer with 
comprehensive training strategy.


Your partner for
breakthrough training

Traditional  training providers focus almost exclusively on the one-time training event.  AxOx partners with you to implement a comprehensive Microsoft Office training strategy that drives training transfer to the work space. Our multi-phase plan entails not only a training event, but a whole series of pre- and post training steps that creates a ripe training environment to ensure the training received actually gets implemented.


We reduce
training scrap

Our unique approach reduces training scrap. Scrap is leftover material that is ultimately thrown away. Training scrap is all the training you receive that never gets implemented back where it matters most—on the job. Your investment of time, money and energy for Microsoft Office training
sits there in a pile, unused, wasted, and
thrown away.


We drive
training transfer

Our Microsoft Office training doesn’t leave transfer to chance.  We provide a concerted strategy to propel the process of transfer.  We execute a deliberate procedure to ensure that what was learned in your Microsoft Office training class actually gets applied back in the office. Our comprehensive training strategy drives transfer until the skills acquired in your Microsoft Office training class are implemented back on the job.

We move the finish line.

Most Microsoft Office training approaches have an event mindset. This is demonstrated every time a Certificate of “Completion” is awarded at the end of the training event.  But this sends entirely the wrong message. It communicates all the work is done—when in reality—the work has just begun. We believe a Certificate of Completion ought to be awarded when learners can demonstrate the Microsoft Office training they received in the classroom has been transferred and applied to the work setting. That is exactly what our complete training approach accomplishes.

So give us a call. We will maximize your Microsoft Office training and the return on your training investment. We will partner with you to implement our comprehensive training strategy that reduces training scrap and drives training transfer.


Microsoft Office 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

Microsoft Office training saves you time—a lot of it. It makes your job easier, reduces stress, and increases confidence and job satisfaction. Microsoft Office training allows you to create more professional, interactive and flexible reports all of which adds up to utilizing data better and making better business decisions. We train these Microsoft Office applications:

  • Excel
  • Access
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Publisher
  • Project
  • Power Pivot
  • One Note
  • Windows – versions 7-10

Microsoft Office is a suite of desktop productivity applications designed to handle data effectively and efficiently for all kinds of personal and professional purposes. We offer training in all the Microsoft Office applications. We guarantee your satisfaction with our  comprehensive Microsoft Office training approach.

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We offer flexible training venues

We can provide Microsoft Office training at your computer lab, provide an off-site venue or, for no additional charge we can bring our mobile classroom to you. Just plug it in, turn it on, and we’ll be ready for your Microsoft Office training.

2.5 GHz, 7th Generation Intel
Core i5 Processors with 12GB RAM


No additional charge for our mobile classroom of
2-in-1 PC’s



Contact us for information 

314-203-2092 or 618-301-8981



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